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The Exchange AAA Office Space Italian Lime Venetian Plaster Lobby

In just over a few weeks we will be starting a legacy project in Vancouver, British Columbia. A 10,000 square foot, 5 story commercial lobby Located at  475 Howe street. The Exchange project is a LEED Platinum  heritage restoration building designed buy Harry Gugger Studio with Iredale Group Architecture.

Our Italian Lime based plaster finish will be installed in panels with 1/4″ reveals. The end result will be a high polished, monolithic lime plaster in an off white colour. The idea is a solid, seamless stone surface resembling quarts or cesar stone broken up into massive panels. We worked with the architects and design team on a drywall system to meet the durability and installation properties capable of polished lime plaster. Part of the work will involve a unique substrate preparation system, in order to provide a high abuse resident surface below the Italian lime plaster in high traffic areas. This will involve installing an anti-fracture membrane with a 1/8″ build over DensArmor Plus . The reveals will be made using a Fry Reglet which will be installed by the drywall contractors. The vertical batons will also be a polished venetian lime plaster seamless from top to bottom.

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  • Paul Richard says:

    Darrell your consistent growth in plastering knowledge and applications never cease to amaze me. Your fabulous client list speaks volumes. I’m sure your family is very proud of your achievements, knowing their security lies in your hands (trowels I mean.)
    I’m looking forward to your documentation of this gig!

  • Gordon Morrison says:

    Soon to be another epic project. Your showcase of your talents will be on display for many people to enjoy.

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