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The process, the projects, the finished product: This is an inside look into how I create my Venetian plaster projects, making them come alive.

In this video, you’ll see steps used to create my Venetian plaster projects, including completed project photos of Classic, Carrara, Intonachino and Tadelakt plaster applications.

When it comes to my projects, it’s Stucco Italiano Italian lime plaster that is my one and only choice, and I think this video shows you why. When you think interior stucco think Authentic lime based Venetian plaster.


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  • Arthur Art-Faux says:

    Hi Darrell,
    Very impressive video and your blog is great! Being a decorative artist/painter for many years (30+) I can appreciate the professionalism. Oh and BTW it’s nice to see someone else in the business with a pony tail and a beard lol I would like to know the product line your using. From what I can see it doesn’t appear to have the acrylic polymers added to it. Most importers will add this garbage to a quality product and I don’t see any evidence of that from you photos. I’ll connect with you on LinkedIn

    • darrellmorrison says:

      Haha ya I have that special look to me 🙂 the products I use are free of acrylic garbage great stuff my # 1 Choice Stucco Italiano in seattle.
      I hope your school is doing well out in Florida, we are keeping super busy up north. See ya on LinkedIn

  • Gary Jones says:

    Wow you do great work!

    I was hoping for one of those fast forward going from nothing to something video’s. That would be neat to watch you as you create one project.

    • darrellmorrison says:

      Thanks Gary, I am really passionate about my work including making these videos, I think the video helps paint a brighter picture of how things evolve. Im glad you enjoyed.


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