Wood Finishing

Not all woods are alike, neither are wood finishes. We apply only the best materials — safe not only for the environment, but for the occupants, too. We are constantly learning new ways to create wood finishes in a safer, more efficient manner all while using materials that offer long-lasting protection. With new technology available, like water-based lacquers, it’s now possible to get great wood finishes (including matte) without offensive odors or toxic off-gassing. Whether it’s an incredible entertainment unit you need a custom wood finish on, or fir baseboards stretching throughout your home, we’ll get you the finish you want with the consistency you need. All at the quality you hope for, with a price tag that will fit a budget that’s right for you. Among the many wood finishing services we offer are our clear-coat spray applications, stain-wiping, and stain-matching for any existing stain, or custom creations.


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