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I had the opportunity to travel across Italy for the month of March in 2016, I was inspired by all the amazing buildings and there history. Architectural master pieces that have lasted 100’s of years and bullet marks from wars of a not to distant past.

Part of my Journey was to educate my self further in Italian lime plaster. I wanted to meet the manufactures, understand the process of installation in the italian way and also meet with other artisans to exchange thoughts.

I was in awe when I landed at Marco Polo Airport as we came through the clouds,

photo by Darrell Morrison

photo by Darrell Morrison

I could see our 1st destination Venice, Italy the floating city…

Here are some of my favourite pictures from Venice Italy

photo by Darrell Morrison in San Marco Square

photo by Darrell Morrison in San Marco Square

Photo By Darrell Morrison

Photo By Darrell Morrison

I was mesmerized by the beauty of arches, with the bold colours and murals that sprawled down countless hallways throughout the city of venice

photo by Darrell Morrison in Venice Italy

photo by Darrell Morrison in Venice Italy

photo by Darrell Morrison in Venice, Italy

photo by Darrell Morrison in Venice, Italy

Venice Italy, photo by Darrell Morrison

Venice Italy,
photo by Darrell Morrison

Santa Maria di Nazareth Photo By Darrell Morrison

Santa Maria di Nazareth Photo By Darrell Morrison

Piazza San Marco Photo by Darrell Morrison

Piazza San Marco
Photo by Darrell Morrison

Getting the opportunity to work with LarkGroup on the Venetian plaster interior and exterior polished plaster walls was an experience to remember. This was our 1st experience working directly over poured 12″ thick concrete walls. IBI Architecture  was the lead architect on the project. The design and materials used on the project were impecable and timeless, with a use of concrete, wood, plaster and glass.


Hope Centre Lions Gate Hospital Venetian Plaster Interior/Exterior from Darrell Morrison on Vimeo.

Working with the design team and builder, we were able to create a polished Venetian lime plaster that would meet the detailed rules of leed compliance and sustainability , using a natural material like lime and marble to create a bespoke highly polished wall substrate for the exterior feature walls and 5 storey interior stairwell.

The monolithic design of this ultra-contemporary fireplace was designed using a two stage Italian lime plaster system capable of withstanding the heat of a modern linear gas flame. Coloured to match the wet concrete, the finish was then waxed & polished to a sheen to capture the light dancing around the room through the 12′ windows. The fireplace was inset to give it the appearance that it is just floating within the structure.

This project was featured on houzz and you can view it here

Integrated Italian Lime Plaster Fireplace from darrell morrison on Vimeo.

Lime plaster over fiber crown mouldings

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We recently finished this detailed interior using venetian plaster in this beautiful traditional home, infused with tuscan details. The owners wanted a house built using environmentally safe products, however they were not aiming for LEED points. We used low voc colorants designed for this project and soap wax’s for sealing all the surfaces. Venetian plaster is a great alternative to paint materials as its surface does not show ware easily and its depth and beauty spark conversation. All the ceilings throughout the project were finished with a 2 tone Tadelakt lime plaster. The base boards, crown mouldings and stair kicks are finished in a pitted plaster finish to give the look of solid stone. I hope you enjoy viewing this project just as much as we enjoyed helping create it.

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Here is one of the projects we have completed over the last year and since we completed this Tuscan Villa in Tadelakt, we designed over 19 different shades and formulations of finishes for this amazing Tuscan villa. The Tadelakt installation was not your normal install, as we created lots of texture and old world charm with the techniques. Working on this project was a true treat as I was able to express full creativity showcasing some of my best work and crazy ideas. Hope you enjoy these photos of a full interior in Ventian Lime based plaster.

Darrell Morrison Lime plaster wall art

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The process, the projects, the finished product: This is an inside look into how I create my Venetian plaster projects, making them come alive.

In this video, you’ll see steps used to create my Venetian plaster projects, including completed project photos of Classic, Carrara, Intonachino and Tadelakt plaster applications.

When it comes to my projects, it’s Stucco Italiano Italian lime plaster that is my one and only choice, and I think this video shows you why. When you think interior stucco think Authentic lime based Venetian plaster.


If you know me, you know I’m a busy guy. It’s work, work, work, these days, and when it’s not about work, it’s about time with my wife, my girl, and the pups.

Needless to say, like most of us, I seldom get to do the projects around the home that I dream of doing.

That all changed in the last month, because not only did I finally get to do a bit of home reno that my family gets to enjoy, but I also got to try something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time — a heavy-duty Italian venetian plaster treatment to a bathroom shower stall.

This work was done in our main-floor bathroom, which had been wanting TLC for a while.

Doing any project for the first time, especially when it’s a bathroom, can make it hard to estimate all the work involved, so getting a chance to explore the process on my own time was great.

It was a major project by the time I finished, as you can tell by the end results, but what did it take to get there?

Here’s how the Home Shower Venetian Plaster Project evolved, start to finish.

This ’70s bathroom came with tons of cedar, which all had to come down. Luckily, it was installed by someone who didn’t make much effort to do it right, so only a couple nails in each board ensured they popped right off. Removing the shoddy work made investing time in improving the room that much more satisfying.

The first thing I wanted to do was move the shower-head up by about two feet. No one wants to crouch for a shower.

Before now, I never had the need, or an opportunity, to work with copper. I decided I’d take a kick at the copper can instead of calling a plumber, and working with the pipes was easier than I expected. I might do the odd fix-it job here and there now, but I’d certainly never do my whole place.

Next, I installed plywood. I’m sure some of you building guys out there are wondering “why not concrete board instead of plywood?”

It’s a preference, really. I find plywood’s just easier to work with, and it comes in big old 4×8-foot sheets, making for less cutting in some situations, but, most importantly, I find plywood’s a big help when it comes to installing lath. (Shown later.)

Next up was installing the water-proof membrane. Obviously a quality project is needed for a shower, and I used a local company’s product, called, “SuperSeal” you can learn more about it here.

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The trip home from Banff, Alberta, was an amazing seasonal drive. As I dropped from the Rocky Mountain highs to the Okanagan, then sea level, I saw things go from end-of-winter to lush and green, full of spring life.

I greatly enjoyed experiencing all four “seasons” this year, thanks to my cold-season work in the mountains and Alberta. It was mostly rain and a really mild winter in Vancouver, not one of our best years, but also not that unusual. It was a good time for a wintery change of scenery, but it’s nice (if a little soggy) to be home.

I’m getting back to making the rounds and taking on local projects. This past week, my team worked on two Valley projects — one in Maple Ridge and the other in Langley. The lengthy drives between home and the two projects took some adjusting, but it’s a great place to drive.

We just finished work on this smaller “feature” barrel ceiling’s plaster treatment. It’s one of those little jobs that starts and finishes quickly.

Italian Venetian plaster like this is where I began working in this trade, and those days kicked off what I hope will be a long and great career. It’s a real treat to work where I got my roots.

Smaller projects like this are always fun, too. Seeing the end result more quickly is a great pay-off compared to the visual impact but long work stint that doing a huge project comes with. I enjoy having a mix of both kinds of jobs.

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