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So why would you want to use wood graining on your project? Lets start with the creativity, being able to control the colours and style of wood your looking to get is much easier when its created by hand, id say that’s a big asset. Next would be its Eco-friendly no need to replace any existing wood or if your building a new home MDF (medium density fiber board) is a great option as its cheaper to buy then real wood and saves the environment from another tree cut down. The 1st picture is a sample I created for an upcoming project the client loved it so much they have decided to d0 3000 liner ft. the cost savings is amazing and leaves room for lots of creativity. I will be sure to write a blog post about it once the project starts.

Now back to the ceiling, this home had that old school west coast style with the cedar ceiling from the exterior spanning all the way into the living room it looked great but the colour was way to orange and this client wanted to go more restoration hardware style. So I went to the drawing board and this is what I came up with. Painting the ceiling out in a solid colour was a great start then an idea hit me I want to make the ceiling look like a hardwood floor with different size pieces of board well lets say great idea TON of work, take a look closely at the pictures and you can see how the joints look natural and the wood flows as it should.

Conclusion Many considerations need to be taken in before starting a project like this, remember that wood is a natural thing it would not come in 20 ft lengths (in most situations) try to keep it simple avoid using more than 3 colours as the more you use it adds to the cost$$ think shading. I hope you have enjoyed my post and hey leave some comments I will answer questions.

We have had an amazing summer at Decorative Painting & Plastering Concepts and the fall is just beginning!!!! First off I must thank my clients for challenging me on their projects and giving me the opportunity to work with them. We spent a lot of time this spring marketing and teaching our clients about the benefits of Green and low V.O.C. materials not only has it been better for us and the environment but the advancements that companies like Benjamin Moore & Stucco Italiano have made make it possible for me as an applicator to provide the best quality materials and customer service knowing that they will hold up for years to come.

This is a photo of one of our recent full interior paint project in downtown Vancouver, it also included a custom metallic paint finish in the master bedroom and a custom Tadelakt pillar to match their existing Solus Stone Fireplace.

Welcome to my news letter. Inside you will find detailed information of my recent projects and favorite finishes. You can view it here

The features in this issue include

1. “Uniquely Daring” a subtle carrara marmorino feature wall

2. “Inspirational Thoughts” for you or your clients design ideas

3. Featured project “Diplomatic Immunity Clothing Inc. On South Granville, A classic white venetian plaster with a twist.

4. “The Grand Entrance” a full interior paint project in Tsawwassen including lots of wood finishing and wood graining a lost art.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think??

The cabinetry was built by Stirling Woodworks Ltd.

Gilding has been used traditionally for picture frames

Interested in learning how to do it your self here is some use full info

here is a silver leaf chair made by http://www.btcinternational.it/index.aspx

Now, just to get things clear in the beginning, I am not one to usually take on faux finishing projects, but when I see a real challenge – I like to step up and dive head first.  This wall was damaged during an extensive renovation.  The project involved repairing the holes, matching the existing finish and replicating the stencil.  Keep in mind that I did not do the wall in its entirety (only the repairs) so all the work I did had to blend in with the original finish in order for it to look natural and untouched.


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