Project Overview

West Coast Contemporary


This stunning West Coast Contemporary home featured many modern elements including exposed wood beams and stainless steel countertops. The unique, ultra-modern walls were designed using a custom multi-tone limestone plaster that was installed between powder-coated steel reveals. The ability to apply the limestone plaster material to unique substrates also made it possible to plaster two doors seamlessly integrated into the wall system that are completely hidden when closed.

The architect for the renovation Kevin O’Leary was the catalyst and idea man. We worked together in designing how the plaster system would work together. Being involved with a project like this from the substrate up to final completion helped insure all the components would flow together seamlessly. The Tadelakt lime plaster used in this project has a smooth velvet touch with a matte finish and subtle texture inviting the touch of your hand as you walk through the home.

It was equally important the design of the new kitchen respect the quality and intent of the existing architecture, as the home was originally designed by Seattle-based architect Roland Terry. The new design keeps to a monochromatic colour scheme with a highly crafted use of wood, terrazzo, plaster and steel to mirror the finishes seen elsewhere in the residence.