Project Overview

Classic Venetian


“New World Drama” – Venetian polished plaster, an ancient finish, is returning to homes and offices as a brilliant finish for walls and structures. Our artisans utilize a myriad of luxurious colored and polished  plasters. We combine classic skills with modern day plaster materials providing an extensive array of engaging and luxurious wall finishes.

Venetian plasters can provide a extraordinary character, simulate expensive marble and limestone or mimic the dazzling shimmer and irregular texture of travertine. Venetian plaster provides these attributes at lower cost and drastically lighter weight, allowing it to be applied to many structures and spaces within a home that stone can not.

Venetian plaster yields the highest amount of marble powder, providing a sheen and texture like no other venetian finish. With the addition of inert materials like black flecks, mother of pearl and salt & pepper sand the varieties are endless giving complete control over your polished plaster finish that’s exclusive to your project.