Project Overview

Carrara Marmorino


“European Estate Elegance” – Carrara Marmorino is a popular classic Venetian polished plaster used in modern homes yet its origins are much older, first appearing in ancient Roman times.

Marmorino is a polished plaster composed of crushed marble and lime putty, allowing it to be tinted to a myriad of colours. Once the desired color is achieved it is applied by our artisans to create many textures, from polished marble to natural stone effects. Commonly used in Italy, its appeal is growing in North America rapidly and through out the world.

Unlike actual marble, Marmorino has a soft colour with subtle shadings. Marmorino is a natural material  great for wet environments like bathrooms and feature walls, its unique appearance is enhanced by proper lighting.

Past clients have described the finished look as satin, shiny, modern and contemporary.