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In May we had the opportunity to work on a very large entrance way ceiling in Shagnessy near 38th and  Granville Street. We applied a bespoke silver leaf ceiling with an antique glaze and satin finish. The end result is a pewter steel look with hints of black peeking through in the distress areas of the leaf. Each piece of leaf is installed 1 at a time over a jet black base. This is an eye-catching ceiling that brings the white wall paneling to life while adding character to the grand entrance.

Grand Entrance shaughnessy vancouver

Grand Entrance shaughnessy vancouver


We also installed a Damask stencil in a satin finish with hints of pearl over a cloud white base. It can only been seen in the shimmer of the light. With this application we made it possible to create a wallpaper effect with out seems, while also giving us the ability to fine-tune the final finish with the Architect, builder and owner.

Damask Stencil hand applied section by section

Damask Stencil hand applied section by section

Silver Leaf Vancouver

So, maybe you’re wondering: What is “silver leaf”? How does it get applied? And what are “gilding” and “size”? While I won’t be giving you any of my trade secrets that make me so good at what I do, I’m sure you’ll learn a few useful tips in this video.

The technique of “gilding”, or applying silver or gold leaf to objects, walls, and wood, has been used since the time of Ancient Rome, more than 2,500 years. Today, it’s used both to create a modern design feel or to bring the “old world” home again.

Have you ever used silver leaf or had an artisan work with it on one of your projects? Let me know about your experience with what I think is a classy, hand-crafted finish that never gets old.

Here, watch me apply a few leaves, then remove the excess. Keep an eye on the technique.

Darrell Morrison.


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