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Wood graining a lost art…………

Many people are unaware of wood graining a lost art which I have used for the past few years to bring life to railings that were once lifeless and stark white. In October of 2008 we will be completing 3 different wood graining project’s I will post photos as the projects are started. These photos are from 2007 notice how the railing wraps around and there is a break to simulate a joint in the wood.

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  • fitzgerald studio says:

    Darrell, your website is looking great! Lots of new projects to look at. Where did you learn the wood graining and can you pass on any advice on getting started? The work you show here looks amazing! You are quite the artist!

    • admin says:

      Hey Johann,
      Thanks for the great comments!! Wood graining is all about patience the best place to start is with the right tools and materials. I like to make the colours from scratch, I like to use a Local company called Kroma they have a great matte medium that dries to a hard finish and builds a great texture. The key is the base coat as it will set the tone for the entire finish. I learned a great deal of information from Ina and Allan Marx book The Professional Painted Finishes its a must have for any artists library. I like to use a badger brush for some applications and steel wool #0 and #2 & #3. From their its all about experience the more colours you use the more time consuming it becomes. I like to use acrylic for the speed of drying and layers you can build in a day. Also you must get a wood grain rocker (sold at most paint and wood finishing stores). I hope this helps you in the right direction.

      Darrell Morrison

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