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It’s a good thing you hire me to do finish and not videos, because this one took me a year to make! What can I tell you? I’ve had spaces to make beautiful, but I finally found some time to share this one with you.

I’m pretty proud of this Tadelakt fireplace I completed last summer, so I’m glad I’ve finally got the video to post for you, including closeups, so you really get a good look at my work.

So, you ask why Tadelakt lime plaster was my first choice for this project?

This is a good lesson in why the material’s such an important consideration. You need to know the end look you want and what combination of products to use to get there. It’s tricky, and it’s why you need artisans who know their stuff but also know the kind of use it’s going to get, so both look-appropriate and wear-appropriate products are used.

All I can tell you is, out of all the styles of Venetian plaster I keep in my arsenal, it’s Tadelakt lime that brings the smooth, silky, and finely-honed “stone” appearance that makes it MY number-one choice for restoring a fireplace.

Personally, I also think it takes the mother-of-pearl finish the best, since it’s all about the smoothness of the finish.

It’s also really tough, so, Tadelakt really rocks in high-traffic, high-use areas like the fireplace.

I hope the film gives you that feeling, too, and gives you a good look at the detail I’m so proud of.


Darrell  Morrison

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