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Here is one of the projects we have completed over the last year and since we completed this Tuscan Villa in Tadelakt, we designed over 19 different shades and formulations of finishes for this amazing Tuscan villa. The Tadelakt installation was not your normal install, as we created lots of texture and old world charm with the techniques. Working on this project was a true treat as I was able to express full creativity showcasing some of my best work and crazy ideas. Hope you enjoy these photos of a full interior in Ventian Lime based plaster.

Darrell Morrison Lime plaster wall art

Thanks for looking.

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  • Maria says:

    Darrell Morrison you are truly gifted your work is truly amazing!! I have fun with painting too but I only play at home on my walls no professional like you. I have done knock down textures and painted with four colors and done stencils and venetian plasters and painted a brick wall with three-4 colors. I even tried a old world look with three colors. I would like to know if a metallic ceiling would look good with plastered walls or is that too much for a bedroom? the ceiling has stucco in which i have to remove so the metallic would hide all the imperfections with out all the extra work of smoothing the ceiling. Just would love your thoughts!

    • darrellmorrison says:

      Hi Maria,
      Depending on your choice of metallic and the wall colour I do not think it would be to much for a ceiling in bedroom. If you the love the style then run with it ­čÖé
      I always have a tough time making decisions on my own house and always seem to blend modern and old-world, each room becomes a theme, however that in the long run will make your home very personal and if your trying to sell might not be what others are looking for. Post your idea of your room on here with the colours and I will give you my honest opinion.

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