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Hi-End Decorative Painting & Wood Restoration In Tsawwassen British Columbia

This project will involve striping the paint off the stair case to expose the wood and stain to match the new flooring, will also will be wood graining the beams in the ceiling to match the new hard flooring and the 4 tear wood molding separating the ceiling. To complete the project will be using Benjamin Moore Aura Latex paint for a more Eco-friendly finish and wash ability. Completion is November 2008.

……Update………. this is a close up shot of the stair case after stripping and staining have been completed.

These are some shots of the scaffolding needed to do the wood grain on the sky-light beams. As you can see from the photo’s I need to do some heavy repairs, I decided to create plastic drop catchs for the sanding dust and old drywall to prevent it form going all through the house.

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  • ProtectColorados says:

    Thanks for the great post! You have a new fan.

  • Laurena Serrato says:

    Do you think blogging just has to be about writing? Reason I ask is I want to start a photography blog, but I feel I am better at expressing myself with photos rather than write. Should I even start it? With your experience could it work, more pictures, less words?

    • darrellmorrison says:

      Hi Laurena,
      Having a blog with just photos is a great way to go, my work is really driven by the look and feel of the finish or what ever im working on. I also think that content is very important as it really gives the reader the storey to go along with the photos. If you want to be seen by the search engines the wording is what will get you there. So the answer to your ? is yes go for it and give it your all what do you have to lose.

      Darrell Morrison

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