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Faux Finish Restoration South Surrey,British Columbia Canada

Now, just to get things clear in the beginning, I am not one to usually take on faux finishing projects, but when I see a real challenge – I like to step up and dive head first.  This wall was damaged during an extensive renovation.  The project involved repairing the holes, matching the existing finish and replicating the stencil.  Keep in mind that I did not do the wall in its entirety (only the repairs) so all the work I did had to blend in with the original finish in order for it to look natural and untouched.

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  • Gogroorscup says:

    i genuinely love your own writing style, very charming,
    don’t give up and also keep posting as a result it simply nicely to look through it,
    impatient to see alot more of your current posts, have a great day!

    • Darrel Morrison says:

      Thanks for the comments about my writing style its not one of strong points but I try to keep it fresh.. lots of amazing things will be coming to the blog so check back soon

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