Getting the opportunity to work with LarkGroup on the Venetian plaster interior and exterior polished plaster walls was an experience to remember. This was our 1st experience working directly over poured 12″ thick concrete walls. IBI Architecture  was the lead architect on the project. The design and materials used on the project were impecable and timeless, with a use of concrete, wood, plaster and glass.


Hope Centre Lions Gate Hospital Venetian Plaster Interior/Exterior from Darrell Morrison on Vimeo.

Working with the design team and builder, we were able to create a polished Venetian lime plaster that would meet the detailed rules of leed compliance and sustainability , using a natural material like lime and marble to create a bespoke highly polished wall substrate for the exterior feature walls and 5 storey interior stairwell.

The monolithic design of this ultra-contemporary fireplace was designed using a two stage Italian lime plaster system capable of withstanding the heat of a modern linear gas flame. Coloured to match the wet concrete, the finish was then waxed & polished to a sheen to capture the light dancing around the room through the 12′ windows. The fireplace was inset to give it the appearance that it is just floating within the structure.

This project was featured on houzz and you can view it here

This oversized fireplace required a unique and durable product to achieve the “cast in place” look the designer wanted. Custom finishing the fireplace in a a hand- applied two tone polished Tadelakt lime plaster allowed us to highlight both the smooth sweeping curves and the crisp edges that the design called for. This Venetian lime plaster is akin to a warm concrete colour, with a subtle texture this is picked up in the lighting.

This Tadelakt fireplace was excited issuing 3 coats of Italian lime based venetian plaster. With its slightly polished sheen and honed limestone finish.

Tadelakt Custom Fireplace Surround and Mantel from Darrell Morrison on Vimeo.