I had the opportunity to travel across Italy for the month of March in 2016, I was inspired by all the amazing buildings and there history. Architectural master pieces that have lasted 100’s of years and bullet marks from wars of a not to distant past.

Part of my Journey was to educate my self further in Italian lime plaster. I wanted to meet the manufactures, understand the process of installation in the italian way and also meet with other artisans to exchange thoughts.

I was in awe when I landed at Marco Polo Airport as we came through the clouds,

photo by Darrell Morrison

photo by Darrell Morrison

I could see our 1st destination Venice, Italy the floating city…

Here are some of my favourite pictures from Venice Italy

photo by Darrell Morrison in San Marco Square

photo by Darrell Morrison in San Marco Square

Photo By Darrell Morrison

Photo By Darrell Morrison

I was mesmerized by the beauty of arches, with the bold colours and murals that sprawled down countless hallways throughout the city of venice

photo by Darrell Morrison in Venice Italy

photo by Darrell Morrison in Venice Italy

photo by Darrell Morrison in Venice, Italy

photo by Darrell Morrison in Venice, Italy

Venice Italy, photo by Darrell Morrison

Venice Italy,
photo by Darrell Morrison

Santa Maria di Nazareth Photo By Darrell Morrison

Santa Maria di Nazareth Photo By Darrell Morrison

Piazza San Marco Photo by Darrell Morrison

Piazza San Marco
Photo by Darrell Morrison

Black Tadelakt Fireplace

When I get asked to create samples for fireplaces its always something new. This house was no exception with a 14 foot tall fireplace as the main feature to the living area. The clients wanted dark. The pictures of the concepts they showed had a metal look. I decided that Tadelakt Italian Lime plaster was the best material for the project. Tadelakt comes in powder instead of paste. Tadelakt is a feebly hydraulic lime similar to NHL 3.5. The powder form gives the installer the ability to add larger amounts of colorants if needed, although this can effect the working properties of the Lime plaster material if excessive amounts of colorant are used.

Waxed Tadelakt Fireplace Hearth

The end finish we created is polished to an effect of gun metal with hints of bronze metallic which add an undertone of brown to this black Tadelakt fireplace. The hearth was waxed to add extra protection and differentiate the upper and lower area of the fireplace. I can’t wait to see photos when the wood burning fireplace is running this fall/winter. Lime plaster is a non-combustible material making it a great finishing material for hi-heat applications.

Here are some photos of the progress of building out the fireplace and getting things ready for finish coat.




Enjoying a glass of wine at the end of hard work day.

One thing about working on an Island is making sure you have “everything” you need. It felt like I brought everything but the kitchen sink.



As this project nears its end we get a chance to enjoy a few moments of reflection, to think of all the hard work that goes into our clients projects and everyone involved. I will miss the early morning coffee and scenic views.



Getting the opportunity to work with LarkGroup on the Venetian plaster interior and exterior polished plaster walls was an experience to remember. This was our 1st experience working directly over poured 12″ thick concrete walls. IBI Architecture  was the lead architect on the project. The design and materials used on the project were impecable and timeless, with a use of concrete, wood, plaster and glass.


Hope Centre Lions Gate Hospital Venetian Plaster Interior/Exterior from Darrell Morrison on Vimeo.

Working with the design team and builder, we were able to create a polished Venetian lime plaster that would meet the detailed rules of leed compliance and sustainability , using a natural material like lime and marble to create a bespoke highly polished wall substrate for the exterior feature walls and 5 storey interior stairwell.