We recently had the opportunity to collaborated with the Architecture firm Frits de Vries working together with the build team MP Construction Having the opportunity to work on this ultra-modern home with exposed steel beams, 1/2 inch reveals at every door, moulding and ceiling. including an ocean view and a small foot print with a glass elevator.

We were brought onto the project to replicate a silex element cast stone tile. By using our skills of colour matching and working closely with the design team. We created a unique Italian Lime plaster finish that emulates a linear movement. We made sure to book match the colours around every corner. This gives the effect of a solid stone slab. When you touch the surface of a polished lime plaster the feeling is soft and smooth, invoking the caress on ones touch.

We created this finish using Carrara Marmorino We tinted 3 varying colours and used them in a layered effect like an artist would a paint medium. By blending the colours together it has created an effect of clouds on the horizon.

We love the opportunity to collaborate on projects, if you have a design idea that you would like to see come to life contact the studio.

Venetian Plaster Elevator Wall from Darrell Morrison on Vimeo.

A beautiful barrel ceiling in Classic Venetian Plaster .This project required us to level the substrate before we could proceed with the installation. We use old school plastering techniques and anti-fracture membranes to create a solid substrate . We plastered the sconces with the venetian plaster as well. The end result is a seamless finish from edge to edge meeting the moulding on a perfect corner.

Here you can see some the elements we removed in order to streamline the design for the architects. We removed the rounded corners and pop outs above the doors.


In May we had the opportunity to work on a very large entrance way ceiling in Shagnessy near 38th and  Granville Street. We applied a bespoke silver leaf ceiling with an antique glaze and satin finish. The end result is a pewter steel look with hints of black peeking through in the distress areas of the leaf. Each piece of leaf is installed 1 at a time over a jet black base. This is an eye-catching ceiling that brings the white wall paneling to life while adding character to the grand entrance.

Grand Entrance shaughnessy vancouver

Grand Entrance shaughnessy vancouver


We also installed a Damask stencil in a satin finish with hints of pearl over a cloud white base. It can only been seen in the shimmer of the light. With this application we made it possible to create a wallpaper effect with out seems, while also giving us the ability to fine-tune the final finish with the Architect, builder and owner.

Damask Stencil hand applied section by section

Damask Stencil hand applied section by section

Silver Leaf Vancouver